March’s birthstone: Aquamarine, a stone of happiness.  ✨

March’s birthstone: Aquamarine, a stone of happiness. ✨

As March comes to an end, 
I would like to leave you with some cool tidbits on aquamarine: 
dotAquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. 


The name aquamarine comes from the latin word for seawater. 


Aquamarine stones were believed to be the treasures of mermaids and were used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection! 


This birthstone was also believed to bring happiness in marriage!


Speaking about marriage, this stone is also given as a present to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary. 


Aquamarine is found in various places of the world, with the best quality aquamarines mined in Brazil and Pakistan.


For some tips on how to care for your aquamarine jewelry, head on over to our blog post here.


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