Welcome to Loella Medina Jewelry!  

 I strive to provide you with jewelry that evokes feelings of beauty and sophistication.

I create jewelry with the intention to make you feel that you are adorning yourself with something special and carefully crafted just for you! As a jewelry artists, I am motivated by the desire to create memorable accessories that allow you to express your personal charm. 

I take pride in designing all components, using hand-picked semi precious stones and metals, to create high-quality, timeless jewelry that's artisanal made, not mass produced. 

A construction site in New York City led to my love for jewelry design:

It was the late 80s when my father, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, found an abandoned toolbox in a construction site in NYC. The box contained pliers and beads which sparked an idea in my father's head that would help provide for our family back in DR. 

His bold designs with chandelier drops and large geometric clip-on earrings, soon became all the rage in my mother's beauty salon. I soon noticed the ladies who got their hair done with my mother would swoon over the jewels and exclaimed triumphantly how sophisticated they felt wearing them. These moments stayed with me as I too, immigrated with the rest of my family to New York City. Years later, I was inspired to create a line of jewelry of my own.  

Turquoise and Tourmaline Earrings