Loella Medina Jewelry About Us
Welcome to Loella Medina Jewelry!  
Let me take you on that exotic and elegant journey you always dreamed of, while wearing carefully crafted pieces of jewelry. I hand select natural gemstones that capture the essence of the most exotic places of the world.  
About Me:
I create beautiful jewelry that evokes feelings of sophistication.
"I love how these earrings make me feel so elegant and chic! I feel like I have already travel to New York!"  - My mother's customer, Miriam - circa 1990. Santiago, Dominican Republic.
At 8 years old I already knew:  A great hairstyle, a beautiful dress and a great piece of jewelry could transform any woman, making her feel elegant, sophisticated, empowered and confident!

It is no wonder, that while my sister collected Barbie dolls and all of their gadgets, I spent my time creating new clothes for these dolls. (Come on!!! Who wants to wear the same clothes every day?!!) I even designed new dresses for our Barbie paper dolls out of old wall paper samples! Yep, I was the in-house designer and dress maker for my sister's Barbie village. 

As many others who decided to immigrate to the United States for a better life, my parents, a beautician and a Civil Engineering graduate, have always been very enterprising. In the time it took for our family to be reunited, my father worked in different construction sites and eventually co-founded his first construction company. In the meantime, my mother owned and ran a beauty salon. At some point, before opening his business, my father found a small toolbox at a demolition site. It was filled with pliers, and beads and an idea sparked. He taught himself how to make trendy clip-on and dangly earrings, which he then sent to my mother in the Dominican Republic, where she would sell it to her friends and customers at her beauty salon. It was a perfect and organic collaboration.

Years later, when I moved to NYC, and first visited the American Natural History Museum, I too, had my own experience of being transported to exotic places. I also learned about the beautiful stones our earth has to offer and this is where my love for gemstones was born. My father had moved on from his adventures with jewelry making and I picked up where he left off.