How to care for Amethysts: February birthstone

How to care for Amethysts: February birthstone

Amethyst rates #7 on the Mohs scale which indicates it has good toughness and it is suitable for all different type of jewelry designs. Amethyst is a durable jewelry gemstone but proper precautions need to be followed. For example, abrupt temperature changes can cause it to fracture. Extended exposure to intense lighting can fade amethyst's color. 

To care for your Amethyst jewelry, use warm water, mild soap, a soft bristle brush (old toothbrush). Towel and air dry. Steam cleaning is not recommended and it should not be subjected to heat. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used unless the stone is dyed or fractured.

Amethyst can also be damaged by solutions containing hydrofluoric acid, ammonium fluoride, and alkaline solutions.

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