Fancy Sapphires...

Fancy Sapphires...

Did you know that the stone dedicated to those born in the month of September; sapphire, comes in a big variety of colors other than the royal blue we are most familiar with?

Orange, yellow, brown, pink, with red sapphires being the exception. Red sapphires have been classified as a different named stone: Ruby.

Rubies, just like sapphires have same mineral composition but as it tends to happen in the gem world, because of the intensity of the color,
they are a class all on their own.

With the exception of blue sapphires, padparadsha and alexandrine or alexandrite sapphire (not to be be confused with the June's birthstone: alexandrite - same names but different mineral origins), all other sapphires are usually preceded by the color of the stone: I.e. yellow sapphire or green sapphire. As a group, colors other than the "royal" blue are very often referred to as "fancy sapphires".

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