Creativity… lulls and excitements.

Creativity… lulls and excitements.

Does creativity eludes you at times?

When I became pregnant with my first child, I was bursting at the seams with creativity and ideas. I had quit my job before getting pregnant and was dedicated full time to my business… I also had time to work on myself, take those long 4 mile walks to the doctor's office once a week without many worries. That is, until my son was born. It was all good at first. I managed to prepare and go through a wholesale trade event 8 weeks after he was born. The first few months, it was and adjustment period, but I managed. 

Five months into this "new mom" thing, I was pregnant again with my daughter. Everything seem to halt. First trimester came and went and what I hoped was part of the initial first few months of pregnancy turned into a full 10 months of low energy, low motivation, lack of inspiration and lack of course, of creativity. I was depressed that I could not feel any type of urge to create. 

It took over a year for my mind to reset. Once again, inspiration was everywhere. I had so many ideas and so much I wanted to make, I would work on the floor to keep my newborn and very clingy daughter happy and still do what I love. I realized, I had spent so much time wallowing on my lack of enthusiasm that I forgot to be patient and open for the creative genius to come back to me. 

It is okay to go through "dry spells" where nothing seems to inspire a spark of creativity. The genius in you might be taking a break. It is hard to do when you are in the creative business life, but try to not despair or get depressed over it. Be open and expectant to welcome it back, because it will return. 


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