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Layla #2 - Rhodolite Garnet and Gold Chandelier Earrings

$ 132.00

These exotic, dangly earrings were made using 14k Gold Filled wire to form our signature design frames. Beautiful, purple red, rhodolite Garnets dangle from each of the frames.

āœæ Details:
Metal - 14k Gold Filled
Stones - Rhodolite Garnet (January birthstone)
Size- 2.25" L + .75" W

These are limited edition earrings, and are made to order.Ā 

Rhodolite garnet gets its name from the Greek word, "rhodon", meaning "rose coloured", which refers to its pinkish hue.
The name "garnet" comes from the Medieval Latin word, "granatum", which is an adjective meaning "dark-red".

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